Welcome to Beta Cell

Beta-Cell NV is a privately-owned biotechnology company that develops innovative products for cell therapy in diabetes. Our goal is to provide diabetes patients and their doctors with cell-based transplants that restore endogenous insulin production. 

Our proprietary lead product, BetaGraft®, is a defined porcine cell preparation which is encapsulated in injectable alginate beads. 
Beta-Cell’s product prototypes are based on patent-protected technology. 
BetaGraft® transplants have demonstrated metabolically adequate insulin production in relevant mouse models.

Furthermore, our patented alginate encapsulation technology has been applied in human volunteers. We are now accelerating the non-clinical development plan, in preparation of clinical trials.

Beta-Cell’s office and laboratory are located near the medical campus of the VUB in Brussels, Belgium. We collaborate closely with the Diabetes Research Center at Brussels Free University-VUB and its University Hospital Brussels, and we are setting-up collaborations with other centres of expertise. Beta-Cell NV is a partner in a European consortium of clinical, research and biotech departments and institutions (www.betacelltherapy.org).