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Louis Machiels

Louis Machiels graduated at the European University in Antwerp in 1994. He started his career in the group of companies of Group Machiels. Having gained experience in the various business fields of Group Machiels such as environmental activities, real estate business and renewable energy projects, Mr. Machiels became Chairman of the Group Machiels in 2008. He successfully introduced the ‘Closing the Circle’ strategy in the Group on both national and international level. Today, the Company is widely recognized for its innovative characteristics in its core business fields. Active on a global scale with headquarters in Belgium, the Group has strong business interests in Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Mr. Machiels also has business interests in Poland, Russia and Romania. Next to his position as Chairman of the holding companies of Group Machiels, Mr. Machiels holds board positions in all subsidiaries, as well as in various other organizations.